Fowler Amusement Co.

--Entertainment Services --

At the turn of the last century, American entrepreneur Fletcher Fowler established Fowler Bros. Circus, which toured the United States for many years. The circus grew to include a Wild West Show performing on horseback with a group of Native Americans.
In the 1930's, the business became Fowler Amusement Company, a theme park in the Midwest which included camping facilities, lakeside attractions, a wild animal park, and it's original 1910 carousel.
The Fowler Amusement Company's current ringmaster is Andrew Austin, great grandson of Fletcher Fowler. Company services include direction, art, animation, and related media for movies, television, educational programs and advertising.
The Fowler Amusement Company works with a trusted team of seasoned experts to provide concepts and design through completed film.
Our clients include Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Duck Studios, and theme park companies ...